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About Antonin Callard

My name is Antonin Callard. I study Computer Science at ENS Paris-Saclay, near Paris (France), where I graduated from M2 MPRI. I am also a young researcher on symbolic dynamical systems, computability theory and topology. If you have complaints, comments, suggestions, or just want to chat, you can reach me via the email above.

I am currently a visitor at the University of Turku (Finland), where I am completing an internship with Ville Salo on automorphism groups of subshifts. Using the SMART machine, we try to create distorted automorphisms.

Recently, I completed a M2 internship to decide the existence of aperiodic configurations in \(\mathbb{Z}^d\) subshifts, which was proven highly undecidable in dimension \(d \geq 4\). I wholeheartedly thank Benjamin Hellouin de Menibus for his very kind and joyful supervision. I am also planning to do a PhD supervised by Pascal Vanier about the similarities between groups and subshifts.

Outside of research, my interests lie in movies, books, video games (Celeste is awesome, by the way), computer-related stuff, long walks and (even longer) discussions with friends. I have deep gratitude for those who indulge with me in these time-consuming yet very enjoyable activities. :)