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About Antonin Callard

My name is Antonin Callard. I study Computer Science at ENS Cachan, near Paris (France), where I prepare a Master's degree. I am also a young researcher on dynamical systems and symbolic dynamics, along with computability theory and topology.

Recently, I completed my first internship about descriptive complexity on represented topological spaces, under the wonderful supervision of Mathieu Hoyrup. The internship report I wrote was awarded the VCLA Student Awards 2020 for the Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award. I also published my first scientific paper at STACS 2020 on the very same subject.

I find it difficult to focus on a single topic, thus my latest internship was about the values of surface entropy of SFT's (subshifts of finite type). I eventually related them them to \(\Pi_3\) real numbers. I wholeheartedly thank Pascal Vanier for his supervision.

In one or two years I will start a PhD on these fields. There are some many compelling ideas!