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Hi! I’m Antonin Callard and I’m a second-year PhD student on symbolic dynamics, computability and group theory in Caen (France). If you want to learn more about me (or get my email address), you can go here. If you want to read my personal blog, you can go here. In any case, welcome!


Upcoming activities

In May 2024, I will attend 2024’s Journées SDA2 in Orléans, the yearly meeting of the French symbolic dynamics community.

Recent activities

I’ve recently been working with Léo Paviet Salomon and Pascal Vanier on extender sets of multidimensional subshifts. In particular, we computationally characterized the possible set of extender entropy (i.e. the asymptotic growth of the extender set sequence) of sofic and effective \(\Z^d\) subshifts. A draft is available on arXiv, and comments are much welcome!

Current research

I currently study some computational parallels between group theory and symbolic dynamics. Under the supervision of Pascal Vanier, I look at the computability of growth-related quantities (growth-rates, entropies) of finitely and recursively presented groups.