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Hi! I’m Antonin Callard and I’m a second-year PhD student on symbol dynamics, computability and group theory in Caen (France). If you want to learn more about me (or get my email address), you can visit this page. If you want to read my personal blog, you can go here. In any case, welcome!



I will soon enter the last year of my PhD; thus, I am looking for postdoc positions beginning in September 2025: if you know of someone who knows of someone who maybe has the money to fund such positions in symbolic dynamics or computability, I am definitely interested!

Recent activities

This website recently got a terrific backend update: more details are available in the dedicated blog post!

On the science side of things, I’ve recently been working with Léo Paviet Salomon and Pascal Vanier on extender sets of multidimensional subshifts. In particular, we computationally characterized the possible values of extender entropies (i.e. the asymptotic growth of the extender set sequence) of sofic and effective $\Z^d$ subshifts. A draft is available on arXiv, and comments are much welcome!

Current research

Under the supervision of Pascal Vanier, I am currently considering the soficness of multidimensional subshifts. In particular, when can the fixpoint construction be used to prove that a given subshift is sofic?